About Us

The start-up desk incubator aims to provide budding entrepreneurs with expert support to overcome the needs of a new venture. We will provide participant teams with a set of steps, guidelines and tools they can use to successfully launch a start-up.  Our workshops and discussions will assist entrepreneurs in properly formulating their ideas. We will take them through the phases of developing new business idea and validating it through to market research and then its final form as a feasible business enterprise. We distinguish ourselves from other incubators by requiring participant teams to come up with ideas that addresses societal issues relevant to the Sudanese landscape in the fields of health, education, agriculture, security, finance or any other relevant field.

In order to select participants an invitation for those interested will be publicly disseminated, it will call on them to partake in a pre-sessional event. This event aims to bring together persons with an avid interest in startups and who possess different skill sets ranging from software development and engineering to finance and social activism. In addition, the event provides already formed teams with the opportunity to add new members possessing unique skill sets and is also a platform for new teams to be formed. The teams will then be invited to pitch their ideas to an expert panel who will then select teams to partake in the start-up incubator workshops.

The course will be structured as follows:

  • Introducing the business venture
  • Customer value proposition
  • Market size
  • Market research
  • Competitive landscape
  • Branding, marketing and pricing
  • Managing a start-up [Organisation chart]
  • Final pitch session

Furthermore, we aim to engage with Sudanese investors as a part of our concerted efforts towards creating a more dynamic start up environment. We will be hosting investor training workshops teaching the fundamentals of angel investing for potential investors. In addition, demo days with start-ups will be regularly scheduled so that investors better familiarize themselves with the work of start-ups.

Ultimately, we hope our initiatives will create new start-up, commercial and investment opportunities in Sudan and lead to a more engaged and dynamic network of young entrepreneurs in the country.




One of the goals of the Sudan Research and Consultancy Group is to help bring creative projects to life. We measure our success as a group by how well we achieve this mission. We created the Sudan Research and Consultancy Group – Start- Up Desk, as a gateway and an opportunity for every person with a vision to develop and share his project and help him to present it to a vibrant community of backers in Sudan.

However, we rely on individual donations and support to sustain our independence. We are fortunate to have a very special group of supporters who understand how much is at stake in this critical moment in history; who agree with SRCG mission and understand its importance; and who provide us with the means to keep working to achieve our goals. We hope we can count on you for your continued support.

If you would like to donate to us please send an email to srcgroup2018@gmail.com expressing your intention to do so.