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Market Research



The Sudan Research and Consultancy Group- Business and Investment desk seeks to provide both foreign/local companies and investors with information gathering and data driven research on the business and investment landscape in Sudan.

We provide comprehensive and in-depth insights into successful and profitable markets, our research draws on publicly available information from concerned government agencies, our industry expertise and personal networks. To ensure holistic research we divulge into the associated risks and legal requirements of the industry at hand.

Where client’s inquiries pertain to a particular business; the team, management structures and financial performance of that business will be examined to ensure risks are identified early on.

In addition, we also produce the following research reports:

  • Market entry research addressing the most appropriate investment strategy. This includes identifying suitable partners, suppliers and service providers.
  • Compiling economic data most pertinent to the business venture being considered.
  • Research relevant to location determination, such as, logistic costs, proximity to customers, suppliers and a qualified workforce. Once these factors are assessed we will provide our clients with a site selection most suitable for the business venture.

All our research is conducted with the highest standards of honor and integrity and we strive to ensure all communications with our clients is done in a clear and understandable manner.

Management Solutions


The Sudan Research and Consultancy Group- Business and Investment desk with its group of specialist advisors seeks to provide clients with expert management solutions.

When seeking solutions many consultancies refer to a pool of industry best practices to help their clients find ideal solutions to their management problems. However, in many instances these practices lack the context and nuance required to ensure their successful implementation within the Sudanese business landscape.

We distinguish ourselves from other consultancies by aiming to identify problems stifling your business and developing unique, feasible and nuanced solutions to address them.

Our services include:

  • Customer strategy and marketing to ensure that business provide the right products and services for their customers. Furthermore, we assess the adequacy of the channels being used to reach customers.
  • Corporate and financial strategy.
  • Organization management structure studies to ensure full operational efficiency.
  • Technology integration solutions to help business achieve their strategic goals.
  • We provide tailored businesses strategies to help our clients achieve their desired growth.
  • Human Resource consulting.

Legal Services


The Sudan Research and Consultancy Group- Business and Investment desk partners with preeminent law firms and lawyers to provide comprehensive legal services to foreign/local companies and investors.

These law firms and lawyers possess expertise in corporate law, commercial law, immigration law, labor law, intellectual property law and tax law. Our services include, commercial registration and investment permits, business licenses, trademark registration, drafting of labor contracts, drafting of business contracts, formation of lease agreements, mergers and acquisitions, facilitation of bank account opening, Visa processes, work permits, taxation procedures and other legal matters being considered by clients.

With all these services we strive to ensure that forming a new company or making an investment in Sudan is a convenient and simple process.

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