Khartoum Skytrains Network: A BOT Approach Utilizing C-trains Prototype

Khartoum Skytrains Network: A BOT Approach Utilizing C-trains Prototype

Authors: Omar Alsadig Gismallah Mohammed, Mohammed Abdul-Azim Alamin Mohammed and Mohammed Alsadig Abdallah Ibrahim


This research was conducted in partial fulfilment of a bachelors degree in civil engineering at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Khartoum. The research was under the supervision of Eng. Huda Jamal Aldeen and Dr. Tarig Elebied.


This research sets out to solve the daunting issue of public transport in Khartoum state, and tries to suggest an innovative solution to counter it. With a little over (1.5) Million seats in daily deficit, the experience of public transport seems hellish to many, as scarcity and low level of service largely contribute to that, and as the population blooms, the problem is only expected to get worse by the year. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

This research details how it found that the use of (C-trains), an innovative concept of elevated mini trains that are to be run over the streets, not adding to the traffic jams, nor being visually invasive, can meet the demands of the public transport; both short term and long term — to the year of (2100) to be exact, making it satisfactory from an engineering point of view. The C-trains concept, presented by MIT scholars on 2017, was also found meeting the criterion of modern transit services.

The research also suggests the use of Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) contract to overcome the otherwise overwhelming construction costs, estimated at $3.2 billion, and through a FORTRAN95 software-based cost-benefit-analysis, the concession period of the contract was found to be (37) years, and a sample BOT contract, with special attention paid to inflation, corruption and other local issues, was formed and presented.

At last, the expected various environmental, social and economic impacts of such large infrastructure project were studied and reported, which were found to be of a generally positive nature.


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