Prepared By: Shams Kamal and Zeina Adil

The Sudan Research and Consultancy group conducted a seminar on transitional justice and peace building on the 8th of February 2020 in Khartoum, Sudan. The seminar brought together experts from the legal and academic field to discuss notions of transitional justice, the role of the transitional government, and how we can come together to steer Sudan towards a more peaceful, certain and democratic future. The discussion shed light on key policy issues in the area of transitional justice principally, Accountability and rule of law during and after the transitional period.

The seminar panel discussion was held by Mr. Riffat Makkawi who highlighted the importance of the right of knowing through investigative truth finding along with the challenges that will face criminal justice system. Dr. Awatif Nahar concentrated on the concept of Gender and transitional justice. Dr. Mohamed Abdelsalam elaborated on the models of transitional justice.

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