The Sudan Research and Consultancy Group (SRCG) aspires to shape Sudan’s research, public policy and business landscape

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The Sudan Research and Consultancy Group (SRCG) was established with the aim of bridging the information and capacity gaps facing the public and private sector as well as domestic and international entities operating in Sudan through research and consultancy services.

The group has a unique mix of multi- disciplinary academics and professionals who at all times truly empathize with the needs of clients to provide them with optimum solutions to overcome the challenges they face.

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Our Values





What We Offer

Assessments - Evaluations - Project Design & Capacity Development

Undertaking credible studies and developing authoritative reports on issues pertaining to a plethora of fields.

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Social research - policy analysis and briefs - development initiatives

Supporting government, practitioners and academics find context driven, nuanced and evidenced based solutions

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Market Research - Management Solutions - Legal Services

Providing local companies and international investors with market research, management solutions and legal services

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Captured Community Voices


Normal phone interview surveys; Paper and pencil questionnaires (PAPI); Face to face interviews, FGD and KII interviews; Social media polling.


SRCG has expertise in scientific report writing with data visualization and presentation. These include capacities in the following: tableau, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Premier, Adobe After effects, map-based visualizations, infographics and iconography.

Data Analysis

SRCG has expertise in data analysis utilizing the following software: International Business Machines Corporation Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (IBM SPSS), KoBo Toolbox, Microsoft Excel and MatLab.

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